Cricket Association of Nepal supports the development of coaches and coach developers at all levels of the game, to ensure they’re able to provide players with the best possible experience of playing cricket and the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding of the game to help them fulfil their potential.

We offer a range of world-leading learning experiences and qualifications to suit people coaching at all levels of the game, from those volunteering at their local club to professional coaches working in an elite, international environment.

As there is a high demand for qualified coaches in every level of the game from grassroots through to the elite, there is great potential of pursuing cricket coaching as a prosperous career for the enthusiasts.

You can register your interest for any Cricket Association of Nepal Coach Education course or future courses, or ask any question by emailing – info[@]

Umpiring is always an aspiring career. If you don’t mind making tough decisions, umpiring could be one of the best professions. The growing number of tournaments is welcoming a huge potential of umpire in Nepal.

The CAN is developing a programme for umpires to progress along a structured career program from local, district and regional level to national CAN involvement.

If you are interested in umpiring please feel free to contact CAN – info[@]


School Cricket

Cricket has become the most beloved game for the students in the present era. School cricket plays a vibrant role within the CAN’s player pathway.  In many cases, a primary school “School Hunt” session or block or sessions may be the first opportunity that a young person gets to experience participating in cricket.

The aim of Cricket Association of Nepal is to support the delivering of coaches to make “School Hunt” interesting, safe and fun – while also ensuring maximum participation for each young person within the session.  Hopefully, this session or block of sessions will encourage young players to want to try cricket at their local Club.

Cricket Association of Nepal aspires to work with both private and public school to promote the game. Cricket Association of Nepal is requesting Ministry of Education to include Cricket on School Curriculum – ensuring that this provides not only for cricket development but also for students’ more general physical education, fitness and health needs

Each school year, CAN runs a series of National School Competitions.  The aims of the competitions are simple: to get more school pupils interested in cricket, to get more school pupils participating in cricket, to provide a competitive option for schools and ultimately to find the National Champion in each competition.

If your school wants to participate in any kind of cricket activity, we will cooperate with your District Cricket Association –


Women’s cricket is one of the fastest growing sports in Nepal with hundreds of girls taking up junior cricket each year. In Nepal the sport is inclusive and widespread. Subsequently, we are closely working with our clubs and volunteers to enable them to progress players to the hard ball game. We also aspire to start Women’s National Cricket League. If you want to understand the status and opportunities of Girls & Women’s cricket in your area – info[@] ​

Girls & Women’s Cricket​

Differently Abled Cricket​

Cricket Association of Nepal envisioned being the leading governing body among associate nation in providing access to the sport of cricket for people with disabilities. And to deliver a culture of inclusion at all levels within our sport and ensure that people with any impairment are respected and valued for the contribution that they make to the game. All disabilities initiatives and activities take place under the auspices of the CAN, and we feature regular news items, on regular basis. If you want to understand, know and participate more in this regard – info[@]​

The association aims to run cricket academies in every province’s in the near future along with the National Cricket Academy (NCA) at the center. The new complex of National Cricket Academy will contain all the modern facilities including Gym, Automatic bowling machine, Indoor facilities, practice nets and additional facilities to groom players in pleasant environment.

If you want to run or participate in the academy in collaboration with the association – info[@]

Cricket Academy

Membership Program

Cricket Association of Nepal has been working in a team environment and always welcomes you a as new member. We will upload membership forms along with membership criteria and services shortly.

If cricket is to continue growing then it is essential that we have a strong and vibrant network of Clubs. Cricket association of Nepal is trying to introduce the accreditation program for the clubs who wish to register under CAN and its associate regional wings.

We will follow the ECB Club mark methodology to operate and monitor the club accreditation program. Through CCM, we will look on to the key elements of club operations, making clubs more attractive to parents, children, and local authorities and funding agencies.

It will also help clubs to develop their core cricketing activities, which is where the most tangible benefits will be seen. CCM has been designed to help all clubs fulfil their potential, irrespective of size.

The criteria will be updated shorty after board approval. In the meantime, please send your club information details on – info[@]

Register a Club – CAN Club Mark (CCM)

Junior Cricket Program as ‘Rhino Horn’

CAN is planning to launch Junior Cricket program as “Rhino Horn”,  an introductory cricket program designed for beginners, incorporating high participation rates with skill development. Through a series of fun sessions, children participate in a variety of activities and modified games learning the fundamental skills of batting, bowling and fielding.

If you want to participate in the program from the school level or individually or want to run the program – info[@]

If you want to contribute to the cricket activities in your district in the role of a ‘volunteer’ under the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) – info[@]