Nepal was eliminated from the first round under ‘Emerging Teams, Asia Cup’

Nov 14-17, Bangladesh – In the ‘Emerging Teams, Asia Cup’ held in Bangladesh, Nepal won against Hong Kong but was eliminated from the first round after losing against India and Bangladesh. 

1st Match : Nepal vs India U23 

Nepal has lost by 7 wickets against India U-23. Batting first after losing the toss, Nepal were all out for 193 runs in 44.5 overs. Sharad scored 44 runs off 76 balls while Pawan Suryaaf scored 56 runs off 49 balls. 

Chasing the target, India lost 3 wickets in 42 overs and scored 194 runs to win by 7 wickets. Belur scored 49 off 49 balls, Sunbir Singh 56 off 73 balls and Arman Jaffer 51 off 75 balls. 

2nd Match : Nepal vs Hongkong 

Nepal has defeated Hong Kong by 40 runs in the second match. Batting first, Nepal were bowled out for 217 in 50 overs. For Nepal, Sharad scored 89 off 139 balls, Dipendra Singh Airee 37 off 67 balls, Aarif Sheikh 42 off 48 balls and Binod Bhandari 15 off 13 balls. E Khan took 3 wickets for Hong Kong. 

Chasing the target, Hong Kong were bowled out for 177 in 45.5 overs and lost by 40 runs. KD Shah scored 53 off 80 balls, Ehsaan Khan scored 44 off 53 balls and Harun Arshad scored 26 off 51 balls. For Nepal, Karan KC and A Bohara shared 3/3 and Sushan Bhari took 2 wickets. 

3rd Match : Nepal vs Bangladesh U23 

Nepal has lost the third match against Bangladesh by 8 wickets. Nepal batted first and were all out for 138 in 44.3 overs. Gyanendra Malla scored 22 off 27 balls, Sompal Kami 38 off 63 balls and Karan KC 18 off 47 balls. Syed Abedin took 3 wickets for Bangladesh. 

Chasing the target, Bangladesh lost 2 wickets in 24 overs and scored 140 runs to win by 8 wickets. Naeem scored 45 off 56 balls and Santo scored 59 * off 56 balls. For Nepal, Sushan Bhari and Karan KC took the same 1/1 wicket

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