Cricket Association of Nepal Central Committee

The first meeting of the new working committee of CAN

Oct 20, Kathmandu – The first meeting of the newly elected Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN) was held at the association’s central office in Mulpani today. 

The first meeting of the new working committee of CAN has made the following decisions 

  1. Committee formation – The central meeting has decided to form four committees. Committee’s and coordinators are; Sanjay Raj Singh – Technical Committee, Roshan Kumar  Singh – Economic Committee, Ashok Nath Pyakuryal – Media Committee, Prashant Bikram Mall – Competition Committee. 
  2. Establishment of Provincial office – The meeting has decided to move ahead by operating offices in provinces. 
  3. Regarding the central office – The meeting has decided to develop the building in Mulpani as the central office of CAN 
  4. Ground will be brought under the association – The meeting has decided to start the process of bringing Mulpani and TU grounds in Kirtipur under the control of the association. 
  5. Regarding future plans – The technical, competition and financial committees formed by the meeting in coordination with the ICC representatives have decided to formulate future action plans. 
  6. Regarding player agreement, facility – The meeting has decided to change the service facilities of the players and coaches under central contract after conducting a detailed study. 
  7. Thank you note – The meeting thanked the ICC, Advisory Board, Independent Committee, players, supporters, journalists and other stakeholders for playing an important role in the process of lifting of suspension of the Nepal Cricket Association. 
  8. Miscellaneous – The meeting also discussed bank account management, U-19 men’s and women’s visits, MCC visits, ICC-appointed project managers, audit, state and district directives.
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