Nepal T20i Triangular Series

The Nepal T20i Triangular Series, a thrilling cricket event set to take place right before the T20i World Cup qualifiers for the Asia region, is generating excitement among cricket enthusiasts in Kathmandu and beyond. Scheduled to commence from October 18th and culminate on October 27th, the tournament promises an action-packed series of matches.

Hosted exclusively at the Mulpani International Cricket Ground, this series will feature a face-off between three competitive teams: Nepal, UAE, and Hong Kong. In the fast-paced T20 format, cricket fans can look forward to a total of seven matches. Here’s a quick look at the schedule:

Oct 18Nepal vs. UAE Mulpani International Cricket Ground. 1 pm
Oct 19Nepal vs. Hong Kong Mulpani International Cricket Ground.11 am
Oct 21Nepal vs. UAEMulpani International Cricket Ground.11 am
Oct 22Hong Kong vs. UAEMulpani International Cricket Ground.11 am
Oct 23Nepal vs. UAEMulpani International Cricket Ground.11 am
Oct 25Hong Kong vs. UAEMulpani International Cricket Ground.1 pm
Oct 27FinalsTU Cricket Ground11 am

As a cricket-loving managing director and a resident of Kathmandu, you must be eagerly anticipating this event. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Nepal to showcase its cricketing talent on home turf, just before the World Cup qualifiers. These matches are sure to be a source of pride and excitement for fans in Nepal and around the world.

In the spirit of competition and camaraderie, it’s an occasion where emotions will run high, and the stakes will be even higher. Best of luck to Nepal and the other participating teams, and may the best team emerge victorious in this exciting T20i Triangular Series. Enjoy the cricket action!

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