About CAN

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) was founded in 1946 to promote, develop, and govern cricket in Nepal. Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for cricketers at all levels, for both men and women. CAN has played a crucial role in putting Nepal on the global cricketing stage, igniting a passion for the game, and pursuing excellence in international competitions.

The Beginning of Nepal’s Cricketing History

Cricket is the most popular sport in the Indian sub-continent. Known for their unmatched passion for the game, most of the region’s population is keenly interested in cricketing matters. Cricket’s popularity has been rising in recent years and the game has started to mark its presence in the previously unchartered territories. One such nation is Nepal, which has seen the craze for cricket soar above the sky in the last decade or so. 

Cricket is believed to have been introduced to Nepal around the 1920s. Lt. Gen Madan Shumsher is credited with having introduced cricket in Nepal. Influenced by the Britishers, the members of the then-ruling Rana dynasty played the game solely for recreational purposes. The Ranas kept the game among themselves and barred any commoner from playing the game. The Cricket Association of Nepal was established in 1946 to administrate the game’s development.

The accounts of cricket being played in Kathmandu can be found in the historical and literary records of that respective era, most notably in the biography of legendary novelist Diamond Shumsher JBR. 

With the fall of the tyrannical Rana regime and the introduction of democracy in 1951, cricket was accessible to every Nepali citizen. Aided by the introduction of radio technology and television technology, Nepal’s close diplomatic ties and cultural similarities with India meant that cricket spread over a larger portion of the population. 


Nepal Cricket has achieved several achievement since it's inception

ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024

The ICC World Cup 2024 marks another milestone for Nepal as we qualified for the major global ICC event after 10 years, showcasing the development and progress of cricket in the country. Nepal’s qualification was a significant achievement, highlighting the improvements in the team’s performance and consistency over the years. Competing against some of the best teams globally will provide invaluable experience and exposure to the players, further boosting cricket’s popularity and infrastructure in Nepal.

ICC World T20 Bangladesh 2014

Nepal made a significant mark on the global stage by participating in the ICC World Twenty20 2014 held in Bangladesh. This was Nepal’s debut in a major ICC event. Nepal played in Group A of the qualifying stage and registered victories against Hong Kong and Afghanistan, demonstrating a great potential on an international platform.
Although Nepal did not advance to the Super 10 stage, the team’s performance was lauded for their competitive spirit and skill.

ACC Men's Asia Cup 2023

Nepal’s participation in the Asia Cup 2023 was a historic moment as it was our first appearance in this prestigious regional tournament.
The team faced strong competitors including India and Pakistan, gaining crucial experience and exposure to high-level cricket. While Nepal did not progress to the later stages, our participation underscored the growth of cricket in the nation and our ability to compete at higher levels.

ACC Women's Asia Cup 2024

It will be the third appearance in the Women’s Asia Cup in 2024 that underscores the Nepal women’s team demonstrated significant improvement and competitiveness. With increasing support and development programs aimed at nurturing female talent our team’s performance in the tournament will help to elevate the profile of women’s cricket within the country, garnering more support and interest from fans and aspiring players.

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