CANs New Leadership: A Promising Era for Nepali Cricket

In a recent election held in Kathmandu, the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) welcomed a new leadership team that promises an exciting era for Nepali cricket. Chatur Bahadur Chand secured re-election as the president, while former cricket captain Paras Khadka emerged as the secretary, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the helm.

Chatur Bahadur Chand: Continuity and Vision

Chatur Bahadur Chand’s re-election as the president is a testament to his leadership and vision for the development of cricket in Nepal. With a four-year tenure ahead, he has the opportunity to build upon the progress made in recent years and steer Nepali cricket toward greater heights.

Paras Khadka: A Cricket Icon Takes the Reins

The election of Paras Khadka as secretary is a significant milestone. Khadka, a former captain of the national cricket team, is not only a revered figure in Nepali cricket but also a passionate advocate for its growth. His appointment promises a player-centric approach to cricket administration, as he brings invaluable insights from his playing days to the boardroom.

Roshan Kumar Singh and Padam Khadka: The Supporting Pillars

Roshan Kumar Singh and Padam Khadka were elected as vice-president and treasurer, respectively, both unopposed. Their roles will be instrumental in supporting the president and secretary in achieving the goals set for Nepali cricket. Their unopposed election reflects the trust placed in their capabilities.

A Bright Future Ahead

With this new leadership team at CAN, cricket enthusiasts in Nepal can look forward to an era of renewed enthusiasm, development, and progress. The combination of experienced leadership and fresh perspectives from former players like Paras Khadka holds great promise.

As they embark on this four-year journey, the CAN team’s focus on youth development, infrastructure enhancement, and international exposure for Nepali cricket will be closely watched. This election marks a new beginning, and it’s an opportunity for Nepal to shine on the international cricket stage.

The passion for cricket in Nepal runs deep, and under this new leadership, there’s every reason to believe that the nation’s cricketing dreams will continue to flourish.

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